Stoke On Trent Classics and Piano Recitals Hanley

Orchestral Concerts

2016 Diary

14th Oct

20th Oct

30th Oct

4th Nov

10th Nov

9th Dec

BBC Philharmonic

Barry Douglas (Piano)

Michael Portillo


Simon Trpceski (Piano)

BBC Philharmonic

2017 Diary

6th Jan

9th Feb

10th Feb

3rd Mar

16th Mar

24th Mar

27th Apr

11th May

12th May

Hallé Viennese

Paul Lewis (Piano)

BBC Philharmonic

BBC Philharmonic

Leon McCawley (Piano)


Alexandra Dariescu (Piano)





We gratefully acknowledge the financial support given by the following:


Margaret H. Dale
Pam & Richard Dale
Malcolm & Pat Duncan
David & Joan Handley
Michael Rhodes
Colin & Fay Pountney
Geoffrey Snow
Dr Mary B. Synnott

Board of Directors

C.F. Smart, M.A. F.C.A. (Chairman), Mike Lloyd (Managing),

Gaye Blake Roberts, Fred Moroni, Brian Pidgeon,

Stuart Robinson, Richard Wigley, Alison Wakefield (Accountant)


Festival Friends

Ken Beresford, Mr D.N. Finney, Keith & Pam Gracie,
Peter & Diane Leopard, Barry Lincoln, Mrs P. LinnellJean-Noel Petite, Maggie & Murrey Preston, Organ Promotions,
Graham Russell, Mr & Mrs S.G Shippard, Mr P.T. & Mrs F Stubbs,
Alastair F. Sutton & other Festival Friends who did not wish to be acknowledged in the website.


City of Stoke-on-Trent
Hon. H.E.T. Gibson Charity Trust
The Harding Trust




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TEL: 01782 206000

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